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Western Australian wheat production on average is around 8 million tonne per annum, leaving approx 16 million tonne of straw in the fields...

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Blue Gum Wastes
Blue Gum Wastes
Western Australian blue gum chip production is approx 2 million tonne, with about 33% as residue, this residue can be converted into liquid fuels...

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The capture and use of the waste heat from the engines of trucks and cars. Heat from trucks and cars engines are currently wasted to the atmosphere...

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Disclaimer Disclaimer

Carbon Correct Disclariamer
The information contained on this site, is for project evaluation purposes only, any person or entity relying on this information does so at their own risk and should rely on their own due diligence. Care has been taken in the assembling of this information. Our company accepts no liability for the content on this website, or for the consequences of any action taken on the basis of the information provided.

Incentives Incentives

*Climate Change
*Rising Electricity prices
*Rising Fuel prices
*Diminishing Fossil Fuel supplies
*Carbon Trading schemes
*Carbon Tax
*REC'S: Renewable Energy Credits
*Carbon Credits: Carbon Farming Initiative
*IMO: Capacity Credits
*Australia Industry:
R&D Tax Incentive
Clean Technology Innovation Program
Clean Technology Investment Program
Automotive Transformation Scheme
Commercialising Australia

Vision Our Vision

Our vision at Carbon Correct, is to bring change to agriculture and the transport industry, that results in a dramatic reduction in the use of fossil fuels and reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, while at the same time produce renewable electricity, for a sustainable future now and for generations to come.

FAQs Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Question one? At what stage of development is carbon correct

Answer: carbon correct is currently seeking funding to build a prototype

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